Infographic: Coworking Desks Accelerate Business


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Coworking Infographic by KAP Design ‘Coworking Desks Accelerate Business’ infographic by KAP Design. Click image to view larger.

In partnership with ThreeFortyNine Coworking, KAP created this comparative infographic to visually explain the case for leaving your home office and the coffee shop for a coworking desk.

To compare a coworking desk with the other scenarios, we created key business accelerator pictograms and identified them in each of the three working environments. The pictograms are colored coded according to their impact on business and tallied to create a business acceleration score.

Heavy on illustration and delivered with tongue-slightly-in-cheek, this infographic gets the message across in an engaging package. The visual narrative is supported by coworking statistics from See the coworking scenario concept sketch below.

'Coworking Scenario Sketch' by KAP Design ‘Coworking Scenario Concept Sketch’ by KAP Design. Click to view larger.

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