Going Deep on Deep Learning Technology

This series of articles examines innovation in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) space. This showcases how our technology and analysts can help corporations exhaustively scan for all the relevant companies in a given sector landscape, and provide deep dives into categories of interest to identify the best startups for them to work with. Our first post provided an introduction to the Artificial Intelligence startup landscape, and our second post reviewed the top trends and companies within the Smart Home Robots sector.

This week we are going to examine another category in the Artificial Intelligence sector—the Deep Learning/Machine Learning category, which is comprised of 76 companies with $259M of funding. Machine learning is the technology of computer algorithms that improve themselves based on its learning from existing data, while deep learning is a specialization of machine learning that focuses on deeply layered neural networks.

Artificial Intelligence Map-Deep Learning 2

Machine Learning/Deep Learning Trends

The Artificial…

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