5+ Free techniques to help everyone every day?

Whymandesign Creative Innovation

What are the best 5 Free techniques to help anyone solve any problem right now?

A. How you stand/talk/act/smile/help dictates who you become!
All the worlds a stage so imagine and live your dream just by changing the way you interpret and act in the world. EG

B. What if everything (or even just one thing) we know is wrong? How best to help everyone be aware of this and act on it in positive compassionate ways so we don’t accidentally harm anyone? EG

C. How can sharing everything help everyone collaborate on solving all problems selflessly? EG

D. Why we do what we do? By Anthony Robbins the ultimate Alpha male?! EG

E. What are the best 10 life lessons?

F. Are We Ready For the Coming Age of Abundance by Michio Kaku with introduction by The Usual Subjects actor!

G. Or if you like celebrity and Hollywood films…

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