You are not made of sugar…


You won’t melt in the rain… That is not the answer you want to hear as a teenager when you complain to your mother about having to cycle to school in the rain. And yet that is exactly the answer generations of Dutch mothers have been giving their children. It shows. Whenever it rains you can see groups of children cycling to and from school in the Netherlands just like any other day.

A group of young people returning from school on their bicycles in the rain in Tilburg.

I had to think about this when I had to do an errand in Tilburg, about 25 kilometres south-west of my hometown ʼs-Hertogenbosch. This was on a Friday afternoon in mid-December (the 13th). It was 5.3 degrees and it had been raining all day long. According to the weather service for a total of 8.5 hours and there had…

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